Man Paralyzed After Night Out on Beale Street

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(Memphis) A Memphis man is recovering after a night out on Beale Street ended tragically.

Cody Rapp, 23, was celebrating a new job while at Coyote Ugly on Beale Street.

Rapp was with friends last month when he fell off a mechanical bull and was no longer able to move.

“He fell off the bull and he couldn’t move. And then one of the bouncers tried to forge his name on a release paper saying they weren’t responsible. His friend took the paper and ripped it up and the bouncer tackled his friend on to Cody’s head,” said Cody’s fiance Lacey McGregor.

McGregor and Rapp have an infant son and are planning on getting married soon.

Since the accident, Rapp has had several surgeries.

“It’s huge. It’s got to be over $100,000 already with as many x-rays and as many surgeries that he has already had,” said Lacey about the medical bills.

That is one reason friends of Cody and Lacey are working to raise money to help the couple.

Cody didn’t have health insurance at the time of the incident.

You can go to to help.

“It’s changed everything. Everything is different now, but it’s okay. In time it’s going to get better, we will settle and get used to it,” said McGregor.


  • 1midtownmike

    Sad to hear about this young mans injuries that will affect others besides himself.

    Let this be a lesson to young adults who think they are 10 feet tall and bulletproof……don’t get on a mechanical bull if you are uninsured.

  • becky

    one thing I can’t stand is self-righteous idiots who don’t have anything constructive to say to these young people before something like this happens since they like to perpetrate that they know all & see all…yeah right. Like they themselves were never young and never felt 10 feet tall and never made a mistake. I hope that guided throne you think your on will protect u from your own arrogant ignorance because reality sure as hell won’t.

  • Lacey McGregor

    Let me correct you both, Mike and Wharton. We never wanted anything free. I, myself have a hard time asking for anything. We are both hard working parents to a 3 month old son. Codys intention was not to get on the bull to fall off….. He got on the bull and the operator slung him off and he then could not move. Do you not know what paralyzed means? If you think this is all about money then you are an idiot… He rode a mechanical bull at a business for fun… Without knowing he would be hurt. The fact that he got hurt was not his fault. You are so wrong for thinking badly of my family and very uncaring. Everybody has something to say or thinks they know it all until they’re put in a situation like ours. Enjoy every second and don’t be hateful towards others. You never know what can happen. And let me be the first to say; Anything can happen. Don’t judge someone or think too quick on a situation if you’ve never had a taste of it yourself. You have no idea what our family is going through and you probably never will.

    • may

      I am praying for your family. Im sorry for the hardship that you and your family are faced with, but know that it will make all of you stronger and even more abled than you were before the accident, just in a different way.

    • MsMeg

      I hope it all works out for you. I’ve known people who have had similar accidents and who have healed, so don’t lose hope.

      I think I understand what these other comments were trying to say, though they did so very indelicately. But I also completely understand what you are saying. When you are young, you sometimes take risks without thinking. It is perfectly normal. That’s why the ilitary doesn’t recruit old men. This type of accident happened a whole lot when mechanical bulls were a big thing back in the 80s. You guys are too young to remember that, so nobody should blame you for it. It’s easy to sit up with the perspective of age and judge the young, but there is not one of us who wasn’t a risk taker at 23.

  • Russ

    I personally do not think anyone would intentionally hurt themselves in such a fashion just to try and sue. I would think it would be mandatory for any drinking establishment to have insurance to cover a situation like this….I mean, seriously, think about it…you’re going to put a mechanical bull in an establishment where people are going to have their judgement impaired by alcohol?.( which you both furnish and profit from)…I am sorry for the family, and hope that they get what’s deserving…..

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