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LinkedIn: Unilever Among Top Three Places To Work

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(Covington, TN) One of the top 100 most desired companies people want to work for in the world is right here in the Mid-South.

It’s Unilever, and the website LinkedIn ranks it as number three.

The plant is located in Covington.

The next time you have a Klondike bar, there's a 65 percent chance it came from there.

“We are big on Breyers, big on Klondike bar, big on Popsicle and Fudgesicle,” said Larry Gibson, the manufacturing director at the Unilever plant.

The cool creations aren't what put the company on a top ten list. It’s the thousands of people who want to work there according to LinkedIn.

It says when it comes to job seekers worldwide, Unilever came in at number three as the most desirable place to work.

“I’m a little disappointed frankly that we are behind Apple and Google because I think it's the greatest place to work in the world,” said Gibson.

Gibson has been with the company, which makes everything from ice cream to deodorant, for 25 years.

He has an idea about why Unilever is the place to be:

“The company does do a lot of training to help people understand diversity, how to work together properly, there's excellent tuition reimbursement. There’s excellent training opportunities, and if you're interested in advancing your career, there is excellent career progression in the company.”

Unilever's ice cream plant opened in Covington in 2010, bringing hundreds of jobs.

Next year, Gibson says the company plans to hire about 500 more people with manufacturing skills as the plant grows by 20,000 square feet.

Another perk of working for the company, Gibson says the company gives a free box of ice cream to their employees every month.