Changes to Beale Street Security

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(Memphis) Beale Street is making some security changes to make you feel safer. You may not notice the changes right away, and that's what merchants are hoping.

You could call them eyes in the sky.

Fifty-five security cameras on two blocks of America's most iconic street.

"It's kind of creepy a little bit, 55 cameras just for two blocks, but I think its fine it will make me feel safer, but I feel safe in Memphis anyway," Memphis resident Alvin Lockett said.

Performa, the group who manages Beale Street, says it recently added cameras to up security on Beale Street in a less intrusive way.

"We are always adding and upgrading our camera system right now on the street and adding cameras to locations that weren't previously there," John Shivers with Performa said. "We use them quiet a bit."

Performa says in the coming weeks it also plans on adding new lighting to alleyways just off Beale.

"It will be safer for lights to be there for sure," Kirby McKinney said.

Performa says safety is key.

In fact, Beale Street merchants spends close to a half million dollars a year securing the famed street.

But when the mercury drops, so does business on Beale which is why security changes every year in October.

The metal detectors and security lines go away.

"When we don't have as much going on we try to scale back a bit to try to make Beale Street user-friendly," Shivers said.

Even with the security barricades down, you will still see a heavy police presence on Beale on weekends through the winter.


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