Blytheville, AR Man Shot And Killed In Chicago After Asking For Directions

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(Blytheville, AR) A tragic shooting has left an Arkansas community stunned.

Thursday morning 55-year-old Robert Franklin of Blytheville was murdered in Chicago and all he was doing was asking for directions!

The victim's sister says she has a lot of questions about her brother's death.

Dorothy Franklin wants to know really happened and why anyone would want to her brother.

"He's just a person in the wrong place at the wrong time,  that's what I say. The wrong place at the wrong time."

Dorothy Franklin can find no other logical reason why her 55-year old brother Robert was shot and killed in Chicago Thursday morning while simply asking for directions.

She said it makes no sense because her brother lived in the "Windy City" for 30-years before making Blytheville, Arkansas his home.

"He was from the west side and the north side of Chicago. So he pretty much knowed the "ins" and "outs" of getting around there," Dorothy Franklin said.

She said her brother was with a Blytheville neighbor and may have been going to see his children.

The two men  pulled off the Dan Ryan Expressway Thursday morning to ask for directions.

Chicago Police believe someone jumped into their car, robbed them and then shot Robert Franklin four times in the back.

The Blytheville man died at Stroger Hospital in Chicago.

Friday morning Dorothy Franklin was at her brother's home on Denny Street in Blytheville, gathering his personal items.

She said everyone in the neighborhood liked her brother, who made a living doing odd-jobs.

"He would do it for you, help you do it. He was just a regular little character," said Franklin.

Neighbor Ella Anderson said Robert Franklin would often sit under some trees next to her house and talk with her and her mother and other folks in the neighborhood.

She said Franklin's death is a loss for everyone.

"Because I see this person everyday and now I'm not going to see him anymore. And that's a hurting feeling," said Ella Anderson.

Dorothy Franklin said she can't make funeral arrangements until Robert Franklin's body is released from the medical examiners office in Chicago.

So far there are no suspects in the shooting.


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