Your Help is Needed to Stop Violence in Memphis

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(Memphis) A third arrest has been made in connection with the murder of a Memphis contractor.

Police say 17-year-old Terrell Johnson was also involved in the plan to rob JP Shelley.

The murder of a husband and father of two has outraged many in Memphis, with some demanding change.

“I just want this violence to stop,” said Beverly Shelley.

Shelley is left to raise her two young children alone after police say her husband was robbed and murdered by teenagers.

"These are children. Children did this to my family," said Shelley.

“What's going on in this community?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Well, I just think a lot of kids are broken,” said Reggie Davis, the director of Street Ministries.

Davis is trying to offer healing, “A lot of kids are hurt. There are a lot of broken families.”

He heads-up the non-profit Street Ministries which gives kids a safe place to come after school, “Kids have the ability to just come up here and play games, basketball, shoot pool, board games but we also have a more strategic side where we are investing in kids through mentoring.”

While a hundred plus students hang out at Street Ministries on North Graham everyday, Davis says there is waiting list of about 300 kids who want a mentor to be there for them, help them with studies, for just an hour a week.

“There is this little kid Jesus who comes in here every day and says ‘Hey Reggie, can we play scrabble?” said Davis.

Reggie says kids are craving attention, someone to care, and if Memphis wants to see less violence on our streets and to answer this mother's plea.

“I want this to stop and I am outraged and I just want it to stop,” said Shelley

Reggie says it’s not necessarily money the non-profit needs, it’s your time, “If everyone said 'I will give one hour a week' we would see the city change quicker than most people think.”

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