Accused 15-Year-Old Killer Already Sex Offender

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(Memphis) One of the teenagers accused of robbing and killing a Collierville contractor was already accused of a serious sex crime.

We've learned 15-year-old Derek Cunningham was already in the juvenile justice system as a sex offender.

The juvenile court says Cunningham’s criminal history will be considered by the judge when deciding whether to try him as an adult.

Sources say Cunningham served time for aggravated sexual battery after he failed to show up  for regular outpatient sex offender therapy.

He’s now locked-up again for allegedly robbing and killing JP Shelley, a husband and father of two.

“They didn't have to kill him.  He gave them all the money that he had. They didn't have to kill him,” said his wife, Beverly Shelley, earlier this week.

Shelley’s world was shattered when police say Cunningham and two of his young friends planned the robbery, to score an iPhone, an iPad and a few bucks.

“He was accused of several incidents so at what point do you say “Hey, this baby is headed down the wrong path. We need to stop this?’,” asked Stevie Moore, the director of Freedom from Unnecessary Negatives.

Moore, who heads-up a non-profit trying to stop youth violence, says it’s not police that failed to stop Cunningham, or Cunningham’s mother.

He believes it’s the entire community that looked the other way, “Neighbors knew. We don`t say nothing no more. We don`t get involved no more. Everybody lives in their own island and then when crime happens everybody is yelling ‘Oh my God! That is so bad!’ But you saw this problem happening. Somebody knew this problem was brewing but nobody stepped up because they said it’s not my business.”

Cunningham and the other teenagers' next court appearance is scheduled for November 1 at 9:30 a.m.

That's when a judge will decide whether they will be tried as adults.


  • Bozzo the Clown

    they are all a waste of human space with no remorse or concern about anything other than themselves.

  • 1midtownmike

    Moore wants to blame it on the entire community?

    That’s the problem with “urban leadership.” There is always someone else to blame instead of facing the fact that Cunningham was a thug who had no regards for human life. He knew right from wrong.

  • Gloria

    I blame the parents who probably live off the system dead beat welfare lowlife! Stop crying about what you are entitled to and raise these kids right!!!

  • Not_So_Silent_Bob

    This monster needs to be locked up for the rest of its life and spend every waking moment doing back-breaking hard labor. Every penny he has or will ever earn for his entire life should go to the family who’s lives he just destroyed. No TV, no recreation, just labor. Then after 50-60 years when his body eventually breaks down they can put him to some good use as fertilizer.

      • Nonya Bidness

        He will earn $0.25 an hour in the system. Of that the family should get 66%. Make sure he never has anything again, even while in prison.

      • Sandy Keller

        This “kid” doesn’t have any of his own money. He and his family live off of everyone else’s money. Either the government’s (mine as an employed taxpayer) or stolen.

    • MissTee

      Not really. The elephant in the room is that you are a hopeless racist, just like almost everyone commenting here.

      • MsMeg

        Dear Mr. Hate,

        Tee said hatred, not racist. Hatred is hatred, whether it’s racial hatred or not. Just look at your own username. The hate is eating you alive as well, so much so that you can’t even comprehend what’s being said here.

        Also, Obama has nothing to do with this, so why did Don mention Obama? I can’t imagine.

  • Dèja Brew

    He deserves the top maximum sentence. A murderer and a sick individual. Setting up these “stop the violence” organizations are NOT working. Find a plan that will actually have effect!

  • A Z Wharton

    Its thugs turned comunist like moore that try blaming other for what they do wrong on other and want help know that is wrong.

  • TruthinWords

    There was a plan put in place years ago in Memphis. A certain ethnicity of people were told to breed more, to create more voters to keep certain entities in charge for years. No thought was given to if all these children would be properly raised into productive citizens. Now that these people are no longer in office, we have to put up with the fall-out of the results of the planned, make-shift, breeding program. A whole generation of feral children, running wild in the streets.

  • billrow

    Did anyone notice that Miss Tee is more concerned about us calling out black crime and hasn’t mentioned the victim or the family affected by this terrible murder?

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