Southwind Students Fight Back After Homecoming Cancelled

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(Memphis) The Southwind Football team ran onto the field full of pride for their homecoming game Monday night.

Their original game was supposed to be played October 4th.

It was cancelled after five students were arrested almost two weeks ago after fights at school.

"I was kind of devastated," Southwind Senior Jada Richmond said.

"It was a big disappointment," Southwind Senior Cierra Miller said.

But these students say that day is behind them.

"Every school has their days but we pulled it together," Miller said.

"I knew we were going to come together anyway we are Southwind," Southwind senior Julius Johnson

So Monday night about 6 extra security officers were brought in to make sure the game went smoothly.

It did.

The homecoming court was picture perfect.

"I'm just happy we all get a chance to walk," Richmond said.

"It's really fun. I get to come out here with all my friends dressed up looking all good," Johnson said.

The cheerleaders rooted on their team and the band played on.

The chaos that was the original homecoming day became a distant memory, as fond ones were made Monday night at Southwind High.

"We have a lot of pride. We are all a family," Johnson said.

A lot of pride and a lot of heart. The team came back from a deficit of 20 points to win their game.

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