Car And Truck Windows Shot Out By Vandals In Dyersburg, TN

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(Dyersburg, TN) Vandals are targeting car and truck windows in Dyersburg.

It's believed they're doing "drive-bys" with a pellet gun and randomly picking cars and trucks.

Their victims and potential victims want those responsible behind bars before they strike again.

Dakota Jackson says whatever hit the side window on his pickup truck was plenty powerful, "It went all the way through it. It shot all the way through the window."

The side window on Jackson's '97 Chevy pickup was shattered into a thousand pieces.

"The window was falling out so we had to tape it up to keep it in, till I can get the other one," Jackson said.

Jackson said someone using a pellet gun or high-powered BB gun did the damage.

Jackson said it happened on a Saturday in late September while he was visiting a friend on Cherry Street in Dyersburg, "We were over here watching the football game about seven, seven-thirty. I went to leave to go to a friend's house and my wife noticed it going down the road."

He's not the only person whose vehicle has come "under the gun" of vandals.

The same thing happened to Thomas Patton's brother two blocks away at the corner of Cherry and Reynolds.

It happened on the very same that Dakota Jackson's truck window was shattered.

Charlie Patton was inside his body shop when someone fired a shot and broke out a window on his truck.

Thomas Patton said no one inside the business ever heard any kind of shot, "When he started to leave the glass was shattered all to pieces, down in the door. And it happened anywhere between one-thirty and three o'clock."

Dyersburg Police say windows on a handful of cars and trucks were shattered during random shootings on Cherry and Gordon Streets and Troy Avenue.

Thomas Patton said it's a good thing he can't get his hands on the vandals, "I would want to catch them myself and do what I wanted to do, but I can't do that."

Meantime, Jackson said he's been left him with an "out-of-pocket" expense he wasn't counting on, "Pretty upsetting, considering one of these window's having to be special cut. It's about two-fifty, three-hundred dollars that come out of my pocket, not somebody elses."

So far, no one has been injured.

If you can help police catch who's responsible call CrimeStoppers of Dyer County at 731-285-TIPS or contact Dyersburg Police by dialing 311.