Kidnapped Woman Found; Kidnapper May Be Cornered

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(Utica, MS) A woman who law enforcement authorities say was kidnapped by her boyfriend has been found as she escaped and he is cornered in a field.

According to WJTV in Jackson, MS Shanice Latham was kidnapped last night by 37-year-old Michael Wright of Batesville.

We’re told this morning, Latham was able to escape and is being evaluated at a hospital.

Police believe Wright is cornered in a field near Jackson, MS.

Police also believe Wright shot and killed Latham’s uncle, 55-year-old Jerry Brent. His body was found inside his home in Utica, MS which is just outside Jackson.

Wright is out on bond and awaiting trial for another murder and kidnapping case from December 2012.

In that case, Wright is accused of kidnapping and murdering 39-year-old Cera White Cannon of Jackson.

Her body was found behind an abandoned home in Panola County.

Back in December, Cannon’s sister told News Channel 3 that Cera had restraining orders against Wright at the time of her death.

Police say Wright is considered armed and dangerous.


    • Phil

      Do NOT waste the cost a bullet on this guy! Use an American Made, hemp rope. (Tall tree, shirt Rope) 100% effective, a proven deterent, (he’ll NEVER Murder again!) good for the environment!

  • Lorice Holmes

    I’ve known him forever and it is still shocking news to me. Never would I have imagined that someone who was so sweet and quiet throughout school would bee capable of this. My prayers go out to the families as well as Michael.

  • Panola Co resident

    He is out because people are innocent until proven guilty. He is awaiting trial to convict him of the murder. Im sure his bond wasnt cheap. Wish we still had public hangings!!!!

    • Blessed

      Public hangings was done to African Americans and just because the government is trying to take us back down that road we refused to let that hanging day come back to us. As for Michael Wright he is a sick, twisted, and sad person.To all parents all I can say is be careful how you judge someone child because you do not know what yours are capable of. Look at the news and see which race goes out and kill their family members and innocent people at movies and are out on bond and got money to say that have a mental problem.. # those people go on killing spree all the time.Not defending what Michael Wright did at all, my sympathy goes out to the victims’ families and to all of the people that are losing sleep because of being afraid that they might be one of his victim while he on the run. God we need you as all ways and especially in time like these.

      • Free Thinker

        We need god? It seems to me that he needs us. He threatens us with eternal anguish unless we spend every minute praising him. What a bunch of hooey.


    Dated him for a brief moment…….very brief……broke up with him bc he was very clingy and I knew something was not right…..he seemed like a very nice guy when I first met him though…..prayers go out to his family and the families that loss their loved ones.

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