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Sears Crosstown Project Moving Forward

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The Sears Crosstown project is moving forward, but there could be a snag.

Crosstown Development expects the City of Memphis to come up with its $15  million  that they hope to find in federal or state grants.

City leaders, however, say they're not sure from where they'll find that money.

The total price tag to redevelop the building is $175 million.

The concern among some, is whether the project will pay off since many of the organizations that plan to move into the facility are non-profits which do not pay taxes.

There are also questions about whether and new jobs will be created.

Todd Richardson, Co-leader of Crosstown Development Project, joined us to talk about the project.

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  • Thomas H. Evans

    They will find the money, and they will get no return on this investment like many others they get involved in just because, Chisca Hotel comes to mind. Even if they go ahead, what year is this project projected to be completed, and when can people really expect to see jobs? Specific’s in writing please.

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