Truck Lands In Living Room After Accident Involving Police Car

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(Memphis) Not something you see SUV crashed through a wall and right into a living room.

It's not what a  22-year-old woman who lives in the house expected as she sat inside.

"I heard the brakes screeching and it was a big boom." she says.

We asked how close she was to the vehicle.

"I was close pretty close. Thank God the stuff stopped the wall from falling. I was pretty close to the car," she says.

Moments earlier she heard the crash outside that set off the chain reaction accident around 9:30 a.m.

Reginald Simmons says his wife was in the middle of it all.

"She was going Northbound on Kirby Parkway and an SUV was beside her going Northbound. Something hit her and she ended up over here. The SUV ended up there. A police officer's car got involved. How? I have no idea," says Simmons.

Apparently her collision led to another one with a police car.

Memphis Police are trying to piece it together.

"The officer was on route to a call. I don't know what type of call was it. We haven't gotten confirmation of it," says Memphis Police Lt. Eddie Bass.

Luckily no one was seriously injured, but definitely shaken up, including those whose trip ended in the living room.

The driver got out OK, but his passengers were trapped and had to be pried out by firefighters.

It was a close call for those inside.

"I just thank God it happened when we were both further away from the car. It could have been a lot worse," says the woman inside the house.

All of those involved are expected to recover from their injuries.

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