MPD Officer Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking

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(Memphis) A former MPD officer pleaded guilty to transporting women across state lines so they could serve as prostitutes.

Sean McWhirter could spend up to ten years in prison for the crime.

McWhirter's guilty plea was made in the hopes the judge would show leniency.

According to his grandmother, the former police officer is married with a 1-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son who sees him as a hero.

Virginia McWhirter has a tough time thinking about her grandson spending ten years in prison.

She says he always was always the perfect little boy.

“He is wonderful. Nobody can believe that all these things were said about him.”

McWhirter is now facing federal prison time after pleading guilty Monday to driving women from Memphis to Tunica so they could sell themselves for money.

Prosecutors say the five-year veteran of the police department was off-duty when he delivered three women to a Tunica hotel room, but was in uniform and in a patrol when he set up the deal last September.

The accusations landed him on the website, and even had the mayor of Memphis sounding off.

“Just flat out criminal,” Wharton said in 2012.

Our cameras were not allowed in federal court, but McWhirter's guilty plea did give him "credit" in the judge's eyes as long as he doesn't re-offend before sentencing.

However, part of pleading guilty means he will never work in law enforcement again.

“He always wanted to do that and we were so proud of him and everything,” said his grandmother.

Losing his badge is one thing, but Virginia hopes the boy she helped raise in Midtown won’t have to spend the next ten years wearing stripes.

“He grew up here at Snowden and Central and never had a problem, any kind of problem.”

McWhirter's sentencing is January 7 at 1:30 p.m.

The defense and prosecution will both argue and the judge will make a final decision on how time McWhirter will spend in prison.


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