Informed Sources: Convention Competition

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Memphis has taken second place to Nashville in efforts to bring convention business, and now a new convention center and 800-room hotel is making our efforts to compete even harder.

In fact, tourism head Kevin Kane says we're at risk of becoming functionally obsolete.

What can the city do to turn this around?


  • Nita M Clay

    It might work if this City build more Hotels this will create JOBS for our high unemployment rate. Renovate hhe Convention Centet make it better.We got to get something going in this city to bring back tourist Elvis is getting worn out. We need a our Fairground back it gave the youth in this city somewhere to go as well as somewhere to work during the summer months and between college breaks. We got to put something FUN back in Memphis, TN. THIS CITY is about drown in the MS river. SAD

  • DyingRose

    When the Fed-Ex forum is the ONLY place in Memphis you can have an event (Thanks Herrington!), who would even bother trying to schedule and event of any kind?

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