Woman Says Accused Stalker Blew Up Her Car

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(Memphis) Two women in South Memphis say they're living in fear of a woman just released from jail.

Valarita Watt is charged with harassing and stalking a 60-year-old woman, and now another person has come forward saying Watt has done even worse to her.

Jasmine Byrd used to park her 2005 Volkswagen beetle right outside her apartment, but now only a burn mark is there on the ground because she says it was blown up.

“Two o'clock the next morning, boom my cars in flames,” she said.

Jasmine says what used to be her new car is no more because of a woman who she says can't let go of an old boyfriend.

“I was hysterical but I was like I know who did it because she told me she was going to do it.”

Police charged Watt with stalking and harassment because ever since her boyfriend dumped her police say she's been threatening her ex-boyfriend's mother.

“It’s scary, yeah,” said Sandra Holloway. “A very scary situation.”

News channel 3 shared Holloway’s story on the news Thursday night and Jasmine saw it and wanted us to know what both of them have been going through.

“It could've been my life,” said Jasmine.

Jasmine says the flames began with harassment about four months ago when she started dating Watt's ex-boyfriend.

Since then, she says Watt has continuously knocked on her door, driven past her house, confronted her on the street, and threatened to destroy her car, which is what she says Watt finally did September 10, the day after Jasmine filed for a restraining order.

“That could've been my house. That could've been every car up the street. That could've been my apartment. That could've been my child.  We could've been in that car,” said Jasmine.

Fire investigators say they are still building a case but what happened to Jasmine's car is definitely arson.

Watt is currently out of jail on a $2,500. Her next court date is November 4, 2013.

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  • Renee

    I guess she should be free and not charged with anything since she’s OUT of jail on a cheap bond after she did something so dangerous and life threatening. It’s obvious that the system doesn’t care.

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