Organization Promotes Longterm Contraceptives

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(Memphis) Memphis’ A Step Ahead Foundation is working to offer as many women as possible in hopes of making an impact on families in the long-term.

“The impact on education is amazing. A young woman in Memphis who doesn’t have a baby as a teenager has a 90 percent chance of graduating high school. A woman who does have a baby as a teenager, only has a 50 percent chance of getting her high school diploma or G.E.D,” said Katy Langston with A Step Ahead.

The foundation was started by former juvenile court judge Claudia Haltom who saw many parents who weren't ready for the responsibility.

“She knew that parents, they didn’t want to have their kids taken away from them. They wanted to be good parents but they were just overwhelmed,” said Belinda Simpson with A Step Ahead.

“Have as many babies as you would like to have, when you are ready,” said Simpson about their message.

The group promotes long acting reversible contraceptives, like IUDs that can prevent pregnancy for 5 or 10 years.

“Our goal is for everyone in the city of Memphis to know about us and know that we provide these methods completely free,” said Langston.

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