Southwind Homecoming Cancelled After Fights & Arrests

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(Shelby County, TN) Friday night's Homecoming football game at Southwind High School was cancelled.

The school system said the cancellation was a result of "concerns stemming from an incident in the school community 9Thursday0 night."

The cancellation also came after a series of fights and arrests at the school Friday.

Deputies are looking into whether the fights are connected to an off campus shooting Thursday night which may be the incident that spurred the Homecoming cancellation.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has taken five students into custody.

Four of those arrested are juveniles and one is 18 years old.


  • Byteme

    I am sooooooooooooo glad that moved out of that area many years ago when I saw it going to h-e-l-l in a hand basket due to “us” moving in.

    • Byteme

      I used to live at the Bradford Gardens Subdivision many years ago when it was first developed.My first 3 years there were great, because it was a diverse neighborhood with black, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. The neighborhood was great! Everyone kept up their property. There were no junk cars in driveways or parked on the streets. As a matter of fact, we had a covenant rule stating that you couldn’t park on the street at night. All cars must be parked in your garage or on your own driveway.
      However, over time, when more of “us” moved in, things started to change. “We” let our yards go down, let our homes go down by not keeping them painted, parked on the streets at night, had junk cars in our driveways, played loud music in the homes and cars, started seeing litter in the streets (beer cans, fast food bags, and cigarette butts), and left their garbage barrel in front of their home.
      When that started happening, the entire sub division went down. I drove through there last weekend, and it was hard to believe. It looks NOTHING like it did when I lived there. I was shocked when I drove by my former home. The garage door has dents in it and chipped paint. The yard is a mess and filled with weeds. The wood blinds I installed were missing slats. The beautiful flowerbeds I created were nothing but weeds, and the home itself desperately needs to be painted.
      It was as if I’d never lived there.

    • GGIRL

      Majority of the kids that go to Southwind went there last year it had nothing to do with the merger. Southwind been spinning out of control. It’s just been on a hush. Now everything is out in the open.

  • Miss Davis

    According to sources at the school, it has to do with the shooting of two gang members last night…. gang violence.

  • c

    Surprise me! Wait on full story before condemning “us”.
    Or better yet stay and fight to keep it nice instead of leaving.

  • Shy

    This has nothing to do with the school merger..Southwind had plenty of problems when it was a Shelby County School..

  • Ellen Nickas

    Ellen Nickas
    October 4, 2013 at 10:44 am
    It is not a problem with the schools or area the schools are in.
    It is a parenting problem. The schools can’t undo years of Bad Parenting!!

    • JMartin

      I agree with you, these parents have allowed their children to do whatever and whenever and it has overflowed into the communities and schools. Moving is not the answer it is away to escape reality. This type of mess happens all over just less publicity. Germantown full of gangs, Houston full of drugs and gangs, Move on a little further Bolton and Brighton are the same. We must take a stand and stop running.

  • JMartin

    Where were the parents of these children last night when the shooting occurred. This is a parenting situation and parents need to be parents and stop trying to be their children friends. If God wanted us to be their friends he would have made us the same age. As far as the school and neighborhood people migrant to where they think it might be better but it goes back to the same thing this is a community problem; it takes a village to raise children and we need to be that village and stop saying that’s not my place…..

  • blakspartan

    When will parents be held accountable for their own children. Also that neighborhood went down when they made a few of those homes section 8, and also affordable for more income families, not saying all families who are on low income are trouble makers but the majority are

  • Angela

    I am guessing those of you blaming the parents do no have kids. Otherwise you would know that parents do try to parent their kids but everyone always has a better idea or the goverment/CPS steps in. I can not spank my child because then I am going overboard and CPS comes and takes my child. It takes a village to raise a child so therefore everyone needs to blame the entire “village” not just the parent!!

  • 1midtownmike

    It’s sad to see what happens to a community when it becomes “urbanized.” Everything in this area that becomes urbanized either turns into a warzone ghetto or it gets closed down.

  • Cville Bob

    @JMartin: you are right. It is everywhere. Just last week, 2-3 kids from Schilling Farms Middle were suspended for 180 days for having drugs in the school. One got off as his mom works there. In addition, days later kids from Houston High got the same as they checked in school late and smelled like marijuana. This resulted in them being expelled for 180 days. This you won’t hear in the news, but it is happening every day. Collierville High – baseball program has big problems with kids and drugs. It doesn’t matter where you move to these days, there will always be drug and gang problems, regardless of race. Parenting needs to step up if we want to save our youth.

    • Concerned parent

      Check your facts and information before commenting! Facts are facts, proof speaks for itself! NO parent regardless of job status can “get a child off” regardless of job status!!! These are children we are speaking of, all make mistakes. Shame on you Perfect Bob for judging without knowing the facts of all involved:)

  • Patrick

    I thought Southwind was a nice area. Guess too many “unwed single mothers” moved in if you get my drift.

  • Robert L Walker

    It’s a shame the whole school have to suffer for the actions of a few thugs. Hopefully they are identified, and sent to jail. Reminds you of what’s going on within the Federal Government, the actions of a few THUGS affecting everyone.

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