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Panda Gate, A Spoiled Celebrity Brat, And Strength Training For Toddlers?

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Here today we have our own Corie Ventura, Angela Jackson with V101 Radio, and DeWayne Benton from Internet Radio Station Holywoodradio.com".

The government shutdown has affected thousands of workers, as well as national parks, monuments, services and something a lot of people nationwide are mad about the National Zoo's Panda Cam.

Is that silly, or just a very basic example how this is affecting the quality of our lives?

Celebrities have all kinds of opportunities to see the world. Apparently Justin Beiber does it from his bodyguard's shoulders.

These pictures came out on Twitter yesterday.

Instead of walking up the Great Wall of China himself, he had his posse carry him.

And I guess it was only a matter of time in our body conscious culture.

There's now cross fit class, for toddlers.

It's for 3 to 5 year olds in New York.

It costs $280 a month.

Trainers say it focuses on the moves, but also colors, and counting.