Mother Upset About School Beatdown

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(Walnut, MS) Candida Jones says it happened a few weeks ago at Walnut High School.

Her son, a cancer patient at St. Jude, was coming out of the cafeteria when she says at least one other student attacked him.

”He remembered when he walked out of the lunchroom and he was tapped on the shoulder…he went to turn and this child hit him in the mouth. He started back and he was hit in the head and knocked down and then he was repeatedly beaten in the head” explained Jones.

She says her son ended up with serious head injuries, a busted lip, contusions, and a concussion.

Jones says the boy who started the attack only got a three day suspension from school, and she doesn’t think it’s enough.

North Tippah School Superintendent Junior Wooten said the matter was handled appropriately and the Walnut High principal will keep an eye on the situation to prevent any further problems.


  • none

    the Walnut High principal is a joke i remember a few years back a student brought a gun to school and what happened not a thing

  • Tessa

    I have to agree. The Walnut High School principal is a JOKE. He should be fired and the kid who beat up the boy with cancer should go to jail!

  • mark

    I feel like channel 3 should have done a background check on this woman before putting our school out there like that. Walnut is a great school great teachers and students. I feel all 4 of my children are perfectly safe there.

  • randy

    She is making this so much more than it was. The other students were suspended. School and superintendent took appropriate measures for safety of all students. She just likes attention

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