Stolen Goods For Sale

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(Memphis) People living in one Raleigh neighborhood say “enough is enough."

They say one of their roads has turned into a flea market for stolen property.

They tell us calls to police have done no good, so they turned to News Channel 3 for help.

People say that the stealing and selling of stolen goods is so bad on Maime Road that Sunday night, one homeowner had to bust out a machete to get someone off of his property.

“Something has got to be done,” said Galileo Oceja, who was the one who scared the criminal away.

“Because enough is enough,” neighbor George Cook added.

Two neighbors on Mamie Road have the same story.

“They take bikes, weed eaters, lawn mowers. It really is crazy,” said Cook.

“People try to sell tools around the block everywhere,” said Oceja.

They say local drug addicts are boosting stolen property right on their street.

It means they're stealing stuff and then selling it to buyers willing to give out quick cash.

“They are selling it over there,” said Cook pointing across the street. “I watch cash-and-carry go on everyday.”

Cook and Oceja say the thieves have even targeted them and they are fed up.

“Because we are not stealing, we are working,” said Oceja.

They've had it with the stealing and the drug addiction that have taken down the Raleigh neighborhood.

“Their brains are gone on what they call 'dog food'. It's heroin. This isn't Cheech and Chong stealing a weed eater to go toke-up in the afternoon,” said Cook. “This is constant, chronic, all the time.”

Neighbors say they've called police countless times, but nothing changes.

“If normal citizens around here can see everything, I don`t see the reason why the police don't see what is going on,” said Oceja.

“What they are not taking from here, they are selling to here and it's got to stop ,” said Cook.

The men say they want to see police do more patrolling of Maime Road and a definite crackdown of the people who are buying and selling these stolen goods.

We contacted police who say they are not working a "case" in that neighborhood, but if people want to report stuff stolen, they can call 545-COPS.