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Stolen Ambulance Recovered

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(Victoria, MS) Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputies first thought they had a traffic accident when they came upon an ambulance driven into a ditch near Victoria early Saturday.

Turns out, the ambulance was stolen from a Memphis mental hospital while the ambulance workers were busy.

”They had dropped an individual off and while they were inside, this guy got in the ambulance and just took off,” said Investigator Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

The driver, court records show, had just been released from the Memphis Mental Health Institute.

He apparently ran off the road near Victoria and just went to sleep in the passenger’s seat.

Deputies found him, and he told them he took off in the ambulance, headed for St. Louis.

How he ended up in Mississippi remains unclear.

Here’s what amazes investigators the most: they found the ambulance in good shape with all its contents intact, not a thing - any equipment or drugs - missing.

So officers took Deneraous Hardy into custody and charged him with theft of property more than $10,000.

He waived extradition and Memphis police officers picked him up over the weekend.

”We’re glad to send this one back to Memphis where it can be properly prosecuted,” McMillen explained.

He says crimes like this often aren’t this easy to solve.

He’s glad this one was.

”These cases don’t happen very much."