Southaven Man Shot By Police During Domestic Dispute

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(Southaven, MS) Southaven family members covered their faces with blankets and coats as police escorted them back into their home where neighbors tell us an argument spiraled into a shooting.

Neighbors who didn't want to be identified say they woke up to one loud gun shot and then heard screaming.

"She was screaming bloody murder, like she was scared to death," said a neighbor.

They walked outside and saw that screaming teenage girl running.

"For you, was it hurtful when you saw that 15-year-old girl dash across the parking lot?" as WREG's Elise Preston.

"Yes. She just folded on the ground, just scared to death," said the neighbor.

The teen ran to another woman's door and banged for help.

When they calmed her down, she started explaining that she was inside her home with her mother and mother's boyfriend when they got into an argument and police were called.

"She said her step daddy had his hand around her mothers throat and they told him to turn her loose," said a neighbor.

But he didn't. We're told he kept a gun to the mother's head.

Police shot the boyfriend to keep him from hurting her.

The daughter watched it all, but was so shaken she got confused.

"She was just crying, she said I think they just shot my mama, they just shot my mama."

But tonight she and her mother are okay.

The suspect was taken to The Med for treatment.