Domestic Past of Shooting Victim Revealed as Police Search for Boyfriend

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(Fayette County, TN) Fayette County deputies are searching for the boyfriend of a woman who is fighting for her life at the MED.

Deputies Jeffery Wall is not a suspect, but they have some questions for him about why his girlfriend was found critically shot in an Arkansas field.

Stacey Buckley is recovering from a gunshot wound at the MED after being found Wednesday off highways 70 and 75 in St. Francis County Arkansas.

Stacey Buckley use to work at the Probate Court Clerk’s Office in Shelby County, and her former boss and former Probate Clerk Chris Thomas said her personal issues are longstanding.

“When I saw this I was very troubled because it’s very sad to see that’s still going on in her life. You hate that for anybody,” said Thomas.

Thomas said it was common knowledge around the office that Buckley and her boyfriend would get into fights regularly, but he doesn’t know if it’s the same boyfriend.

Fayette County Inspector Ray Garcia confirms the Buckley and Wall were no strangers to police before her shooting.

“They have a history of domestic violence. Both of them have prior assault arrest histories and there is definitely a history between the two,” said Garcia.

Thomas says Buckley is a good person and good worker, but her personal life proved problematic for her.

“The thing that puzzled me was she didn’t show up for work one day and we had found out she had just left and gone to Florida,” said Buckley.

Thomas says that’s when she stopped working for him, and he assumed she was trying to get away from someone.

If you are in a dangerous situation and feel threatened you should leave or seek help from domestic violence crisis centers around our community.

Thomas says if you are a co-worker and you see red flags you should offer help, because it could save a life.

If you have any information where Wall may be so deputies can begin to solve this mystery, please call the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office at 901-465-3456.