Probation Officer Arrested For Extortion

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(Memphis) A probation officer is accused of trying to extort money from someone he was supposed to be helping.

Joseph Wells, Jr., a case worker with The Justice Network, is facing charges of extortion, bribery and official misconduct.

Agents with the West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force say Wells told an offender he had failed a drug test, but that if paid him $250.00, he would put a good word in with judge.

The Justice Network is a private company that provides court ordered supervision and programs for non violent offenders.

The company says it has safeguards in place to keep this kind of thing from happening and says investigators are trying to determine if Wells has ever done this before.

"It's something we take very seriously. You hope that it hasn't happened before. You certainly hope that it is not going to happen again," said Paul Ross with The Justice Network.

Wells was released from jail without bond.