Carjackers Run Over Man

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(Memphis) Not only did two Memphis crooks steal a man’s car, but they also ran over him in the process.

Demario Potts and Michael Banks are in jail for allegedly running over a man who was just trying to work hard and earn a living.

Serapio Magadan-Medrano’s is in a lot of pain. His arm is covered in scratches and his hand is bruised.

“The cornered me, you know, a lot of people don’t care anymore,” said Medrano.

He was closing up shop at Stereo 1 on Lamar when two men walked up with a gun and tried to take his car.

“I’ve been working almost a year and a half to put the money and save to get the car because I want to give it to my daughter,” said Medrano.

Medrano says he was slapped by one of the men and fell to the ground. That’s when they ran over him.

“Yesterday I got lucky, maybe another guy is not lucky like I was yesterday,” said Medrano.

According to the police report, Potts and Banks sped off.

A witness flagged down police who started to chase them men.

When Potts and Banks saw the flashing lights they jumped out of the car and started running.

Police say they chased the men down Ethel Street and found them hiding in the bathroom of an abandoned duplex.

After arresting them, police say they found a loaded handgun ditched behind the building.

Medrano is glad he got his car back, but is a little shaken up at the thought of how differently things could have turned out.

“I want to do whatever the police ask me to keep them in there,” said Medrano.

Potts has previous burglary charges and Banks has a past arrest for robbery.