Little Girl Battles Cancer And Wins With The Help Of Le Bonheur

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(Covington, TN) The raw emotion from a mother's heart and soul.

"Dear friends, Lucy's cancer is back," Kate Krull said.

The heart wrenching words of Kate Krull, the mother of a seven-year old little girl named Lucy, facing the fight of her life.

"We don't have a long time with her. I find myself doubting there can be a loving God. At the same time, having faith is all I got," Krull said.

Kate Krull reads from her family's blog called  "Three Kids, A Minivan & A Mortgage." It was supposed to be a typical blog about Kate and Erik Krull's family, but it turned into a glimpse into their struggles connecting them to the prayers of thousands of strangers from around the world.

"The daily counter went to from ten a day to 30,000 and 50,000, 75,000 a day from people all over the world," Kate Krull said.

It all started when people began reading about Lucy's journey to live and beat cancer.

"February 2011 she had complained of sporadic headaches every now," Kate Krull said.

Her pediatrician realized Lucy could be facing other issues.

"She(Lucy's doctor) did a neurological check and looked into her eyes and immediately said you go to go to Le Bonheur," Kate Krull said.

Doctors at Le Bonheur diagnosed Lucy with brain cancer.

"Before you knew it, you went from a happy, healthy child to 8 to 10 hours of brain surgery removing tumors from the brain and spine," Erik Krull said.

But there would be more complications.

"She contracted meningitis after surgery and that was a huge setback for us," Kate Krull said.

Lucy would have to undergo another surgery. but she later developed an eye infection that spread to her brain and she went into a coma.

"We thought at that time she wouldn't make it. We called in her sister and told her Lucy wasn't going to make it and that was the hardest conversation I ever had in my life," Erik Krull said.

The Krulls started thinking about making funeral plans for Lucy, but her neurosurgeon at Le Bonheur, Dr. Rick Boop, never gave up hope.

Tracy Tidwell is program director, brain tumor program and a neurosurgery nurse practitioner at Le Bonheur.

"I remember Dr. Boop walked into the room and said this show isn't over yet. I've studied this and have an idea what to do for this infection. As we started changing things and looking at different stuff, Lucy started to get better," Tidwell said.

After several more surgeries and a lot of care and prayer, Lucy surprised almost everybody when she opened her eyes.

"One day we were all in the room and Lucy looked around and started grinning and said mom. At that moment I knew this child's journey was far from over," Tidwell said.

Lucy was declared cancer free and her parents credit God and Le Bonheur.

"We've been blessed because we have world-class doctors and surgeons in our backyard," Erik Krull said.

Lucy is now able to ride her bike, show off her pet cats and even her artwork.

It's a happy ending for one family's struggles and triumphs that touched the world because of the miracles at Le Bonheur.

"Lucy is doing fabulously. She's worked so hard this summer at occupational, physical and swim therapy. she's growing stronger everyday," Kate Krull.

Lucy just entered first grade and her family is giving back by creating the 'Go Lucy Go' Foundation and 5K Race raising more than $50,000 for Le Bonheur.

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