MPA Setting UP Job Fair for Officers

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(Memphis) The Memphis Police Association is gearing up for a job fair next month where they’ve invited other police departments to recruit Memphis police officers.

“They’re denying officers’ days off at precincts because they’re saying we are under complimented and we don’t have any classes that are coming through. It’s only going to get worse for officers. You want us to do all of this stuff but you don’t want to pay us commensurate with what we deserve,” said MPA president Mike Williams.

“We are encouraging them to either go federal or go to some other department. That’s what this administration wants so we’re going to try to help them get what they want,” Williams added.

The job fair will be at Raleigh United Methodist Church at 3295 Powers Road on October 8th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Several law enforcement agencies including: Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, Jackson (TN) Police Department, Nashville Metro Police Department, St. Louis Metro Police Department, St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department, Dallas Police Department and Fort Worth Police Department.

There will also be several private companies including Lowes, Kroger, MLGW, Comcast, Electrolux and many others at the job fair.

Williams said Memphis is no longer the best place for many officers.

“Our insurance has gone up, the cost of living has gone up, some individuals are paying more into their pension funds and they’re talking about increasing insurance again,” said Williams.

Mayor AC Wharton said he isn’t going to take issue with the job fair.

“They have to look out for their members and I will just make it very clear, we are not taking anyone’s pensions away from them,” said Wharton.

“At some point something has to give. We can sit here and say do to us what you will but you’re going to have officers that are unhappy that are not going to be performing at a high capacity in their job,” added Williams.