Mother And Son Arrested At Meth House

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(Millington) A mother and son are in jail, accused of running a drug house in Millington.

The son is accused of selling pot, and deputies say his mother, Michelle Davey, was running a meth lab.

At the mobile home park, the manager says her tenants were using their backyard fire pit to cook meth.

“There are children out here at the park and I just won't have it,” said the manager, who didn’t want to be identified.

The manager of the Shelby Road Trailer Park says she's been trying to rid the park of drug dealing since 2004 when she took over.

“I threw almost everyone out. There were only five or six families that were allowed to stay.”

So, when she heard one of her tenants was cooking meth in their backyard, she made some phone calls to the Shelby County Narcotics Division.

“I told him that I needed help out here,” she said. “It took almost a year.”

She says deputies finally made some arrests, haulingoff Davey and her son, Robert, Tuesday.

Investigators say they found a one-pot meth lab in the storage shed behind their fire pit and all the ingredients needed to make the illegal drug.

They also found more than 100 grams of marijuana, packaged up and ready to sell.

Deputies arrested the son for the pot and mother for the meth.

The grandmother still lives at the park but didn't want to talk to News Channel 3.

“Are you the mother of Michelle?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Leave! Leave!” she said.

As for the park manager, while she didn't want to be on camera, she was more than happy to talk about why she doesn't mess around when it comes to meth.

“For one thing, it will kill you. And if you don't do it right, it will explode and kill your neighbors… I definitely don't want the stuff out here.”