A Grading Controversy, Banned Books And NBA Players Nicknames On Their Jerseys?

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With us is our own Markova Reed, Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max and Steve Conley with Classic Hits 94.1.

The new grading system for the achievement school district…a lot of people can't even believe it's real.

Elise Preston broke down all the numbers a few minutes ago, but basically what's a failing grade in most schools, earns you a "C" in this system!

In fact, the entire grading scale is much more lenient.

It's banned books week in America.

The American Library Association is out with their annual list of the most-challenged books.

Most complaints are over offensive language, sexual content and books unsuitable for certain ages.

Captain Underpants is on the list, 50 Shades of Grey, as well as a kids book with two penguin dads.

But is it ever a good idea to "ban" a book?

And finally the NBA is reportedly considering letting players put their nicknames on their jerseys instead of their last names.

The experiment would begin with the Heat and the Nets, so you could see King James, Black Mamba, The Truth and KG hitting the hardwood.

Could this maybe get out of hand?