Steve Roberts’ Handshake And A Smile Raises Thousands For Go Jim Go

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(WREG-TV) Jim Jaggers has been out there riding for Le Bonheur since 2006.

He's raised almost a million dollars for the well-known children's hospital and made a lot of friends in the process.

One of them is Steve Roberts from Crowley's Ridge in Arkansas.

Five years ago Steve started raising donations for Go Jim Go and has brought in $185,000 in checks and cash so far.

The money comes from people who know Steve and what Le Bonheur means to the Mid-South.

Wearing his trademark rubber boots and moving faster than a speeding bullet, Steve Roberts is a man on a mission.

"Hey guys! How y'all got doin'? Come on out here and talk to me. Y'all got me a check for Le Bonheur today?

And the answer is always...yes.

Steve's "good ole boy" personality makes people more than willing to donate to Le Bonheur.

Max Caldwell is owner of Caldwell Pharmacy and Gifts in Wynne, Arkansas.

He was glad to present Steve with a check.

"He's an excellent fund-raiser. He's not afraid to step out and meet people. He's just an overall great asset for Le Bonheur."

We spent one morning recently following Steve through St. Francis and Cross counties in east Arkansas where he collected donations for this year's Go Jim Go campaign.

J.B. Hamilton flies crop-dusters in Colt, Arkansas and he had a huge roll of cash and checks waiting when Steve pulled up,

"Hey J.B. what's going on? Did you gather me up some money yesterday? How much money you got right here?"

J.B. didn't disappoint Steve

"Should be around five thousand," J.B. said.

And Hamilton was glad the money was going to a very good cause.

"Hey, when it comes to them youngens, that's what it's all about."

There's no telling how many miles Steve has logged over the years, picking up donations for Go Jim Go and Le Bonheur.

People know when Steve shows up, it's time to talk money.

And people really do look forward to Steve paying them a call.

Becky Smith, Asst. V.P. at First National Bank in Forrest City, gladly gave Steve a donation because her family has been touched by the caring staff at Le Bonheur.

"I had several great-nieces and nephews that have had to use their services. And it's just a wonderful thing," she said.