Residents Angered Over Proposed Road Through Shelby Farms Park

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(Memphis) City, state and county leaders got an earful Tuesday night, as people from across the Mid-South spoke out against a plan to build a new road through Shelby Farms Park.

The Kirby-Whitten Parkway, or Shelby Farms Parkway as some call it, would link Humphries to Whitten Road in northeast Memphis.

County leaders expressed concern about traffic in the area and said a new road is needed to filter commuters on a daily basis, as well as those headed to the park for special events.

About 200 people showed up and nearly 40 spoke, most of them wanting to know what other options were out there to help the traffic, or if no road at all could be built.

Both are still on the table.

A few people spoke in support of  the new road, saying something must be done about the traffic backups.

The plan dates back nearly ten years, but has been set aside for a while.

Opponents argue new studies need to be done on changes in traffic patterns, construction costs, and anything else that could have impact on the project since it was first proposed.

City and county leaders say it was good input and will be considered as they move forward.