Parents Want More Flashing Speed Limit Signs Around School Zones

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(Memphis) Parents in Midtown say drivers are speeding past schools putting their children's lives at risk. They would like more school zone speed limit signs posted.

When the 3 p.m. rolls around, hundreds of little ones spill out of Snowden Elementary.

"You see these crossing guards. They will tell you how fast these guys go through here. I mean they fly," said parent Jason Severs.

Severs and other parents News Channel 3 spoke to say drivers speed through not paying attention or not knowing they are by a school.

"I would not let them walk home. It's not because of the safety of them getting abducted or anything like that. It's the drivers," said Severs.

The city of Memphis and Shelby County Schools do not require these school zone flashing lights to be posted near schools.

Parent Rochelle Kelly said it is a shame.

"That's ridiculous. You have kids out here. Kids come first before anything else."

While Memphis City Engineer John Cameron would like more signs around school zones, the money isn't there.

Cameron says the city is getting a federal grant to study traffic safety around schools, and by next year, he's hoping some problems are fixed.

"There is a limit to resources. Right now, there are about 212 schools in the city. It costs $20,000 to $30,000 for installation of two flashers. Some schools require a minimum of four."

Cameron says there are 100 flashing lights installed around schools.