Domestic Violence Incidents Drop In Memphis and Statewide

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(Nashville, TN) A decrease in domestic violence has been reported by the  Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The study, released today, shows a 3.4 percent drop in domestic violence between 2010 and 2012.

Homicides from domestic incidents dropped from to 80 in 2012 from 92 in 2010.

Simple assault was the most common reported offense, involved in 69.2 percent of all reports.

Of the victims. 58.3 percent were white and 40.7 percent were black.

Juveniles accounted for 10 percent of domestic violence victims.

There was a disturbing rise in the number of incest cases reported, an 86% increase between 2011 and 2012.

In Memphis, Lt. Bart Ragland said domestic violence fell almost five percent in the city last year.

"Our arrests are up. You say 'Well, less reports, why more arrests?' We're more proactive. My investigators issue a lot of warrants," said Ragland. "We arrested over 5,000 people for domestic violence."

Ragland said 59,000 people reported domestic violence in 2012.

"We speculate for every report we take, there could be as many as eight that are not reported. It's a very under reported crime," said Ragland.

"We are actually at the hight point where we are right now, the Family Safety Center. Nashville doesn't have one of these," said Ragland.

Read the entire study.