C Spire To Move Mississippi Into Internet’s Fast Lane

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(DeSoto County, MS) Simon Dean got high speed internet service a few years ago, the first day it was available in his far-flung neighborhood.

He’s one of the lucky ones.

"I’ve got a good friend that lives about two miles from me that doesn’t have access to Wi-i”.

Most people think of Wi-fi as being synonymous with high-speed internet, but it all comes down to wires.

Tuesday, C Spire announced an ambitious plan to wire the state with fiber optic cable for fast internet service.

”The network they’re building is many times faster than the current available network,” said DeSoto Supervisor Mark Gardner.

How fast? How about one hundred times faster than anything currently available?

C Spire is asking local communities to compete to get the first fiber service, but DeSoto leaders say they’re ready to fight to become first.

"We’re already ahead of the curve because we have already identified the areas in need” said DeSoto Supervisor Lee Caldwell.

DeSoto started some time ago, mapping under-served areas, and asking people to tell County leaders about places where internet isn’t available.

In fact, C Spire wants to run fiber optic cable directly to people’s homes.

Simon Dean applauds the plan because he says the alternative is just too painful to think about.

"If I had to go dial-up, I’d throw my computer out the door," he said.

C Spire gave no timetable for it’s first installation, but says it plans to move quickly.