Lorenzen Wright’s Family Appears In Court During Settlement Hearing

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(Memphis) Lorenzen Wright, Jr., showed up at Probate Court with his mom Sherra Monday.

He was just 15 when his dad was murdered three years ago.

Now as an adult, he will be the first of Lorenzen Wright's six children to get access to the $85,000 coming from the City of Germantown, to be divided among the kids.

The hearing before Probate Judge Kathleen Gomes was to make sure everyone agreed to the settlement, including the executor of Wright's estate, his father, Herb Wright.

"That's what I am fighting to make sure my grand kids have access to the money when they reach age 18," said Herb Wright.

He accepted the settlement.

Things weren't so clear for Lorenzen Wright's mom, Deborah Marion, who couldn't remember the terms, until the Judge helped her out.

"My question is, do you want me to approve the settlement?" asked Judge Gomes.

"Yes," replied Marion.

Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife Sherra also testified.

She told News Channel 3 last week the case needed to be resolved and she gave her acceptance Monday in court.

"You do understand that you are not receiving anything with this?" asked Judge Gomes.

"Yes," replied Sherra.

Judge Gomes said it was in everyone's best interest to settle.

"II just hope when this matter concludes some of the healing can start," said Judge Gomes.

There was an unexpected show of emotion in court, as Lorenzen Wright's mother and ex-wife embraced in the courtroom consoling each other, prior suspicions and accusations taking a back seat.