Mid-South Law Enforcement Agencies Run Live Shooter Drill At Oak Court Mall

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(Memphis) Mid-South emergency agencies teamed up to work out a plan of action in case a shooting rampage like the one in Nairobi, Kenya happened here.

The Memphis Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Memphis Fire Department and FBI worked through a live, simulated shooting inside Oak Court Mall Sunday.

Mall workers and other volunteers were staged and victims.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said the timing of the event, one day after the Kenya mall shootings, is just is coincidence.

"Unfortunately, this is the direction our nation and world is going. It's necessary for us to do realistic training to prepare in the event something like that were to happen in Memphis," said Armstrong.

Emergency workers weren't the only ones receiving training; volunteers said the drill also helped them think about what they would do if they were put in that situation.

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