Family Affair: Mother of Robbery Suspect Joins Daughter in Jail

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(Memphis) There’s another arrest in a robbery at a Mid-South country club.

The mother of the woman charged in the case is now locked up, too.

Last week, six men were robbed at Colonial Country Club during their weekly poker game.

The suspects got away with more than $16,000 in cash.

Sheree McKinley was arrested as the getaway driver.

She worked in housekeeping at the country club until she was recently fired.

McKinley’s mother, Mildred Fioretto, is now facing charges.

Police say McKinley called her mother from jail asking her to hide the gun used in the robbery.

Fioretto is accused of taking the gun from her daughter’s apartment and hiding it at her house.

Fioretto is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and possession of an illegal weapon.

She is scheduled to face a judge on Monday.