Family Unhurt After Tree Hits House: “God Told Me To Get Up”

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(Raleigh) A Mid-South family says it has a lot to be thankful for after a tree fell on a house.

It happened Saturday morning at a home on Bede.

Family members say they got up out of bed and walked down stairs around 9 o’clock.

“The next thing you know we hear something go ‘crush’ and we thought it was the cabinet in the pantry falling. My brother-in-law comes down and says ‘Man, a tree done fell on the house,’” Andrew Jones said.

The large tree fell on an upstairs bedroom. It damaged part of the roof.

Jones says his family was sleeping in that bedroom, but something made them get up about ten minutes before the tree came crashing down.

“It’s a miracle. God told me to get up. You know what, I’m going to be in church. This is going to be my testimony,” Jones said.

The family does have insurance to make repairs.

It is not clear what caused the tree to fall. It does not appear to have any damage from this week’s bad weather.