Olive Branch Parent Upset Over “Rape Mob”

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(Olive Branch, MS) Olive Branch Middle School mom Natasha Christopher is furious about an incident that happened at her son’s school this week in his gym class.

“There was something about rape that happened today to some boys,” said Christopher about what she first saw on Facebook.

After calling other moms, she found out several older boys were accused of a “rape mob.”

“Some football players in 7th and 8th grade grabbed a couple 6th graders, took them to the locker room and turned the lights out. They put one of the boys against the wall, covered his mouth and they proceeded to...what's called dry hump,” said Christopher.

Her son was not a victim but was in the gym class where this happened. And she said he didn’t say anything to her at first because school officials told him to “not talk about it.”

She said officials asked her son to fill out a questionnaire.

“'Had we ever had the lights turned out on us? Have we ever been put to the floor and held down? Have we ever been touched inappropriately?'” recalled Christopher.

Christopher wants to know why parents weren't alerted until two days after the incident, and where were adults when this happened.

Desoto County Schools released a statement saying: “A group of five students at Olive Branch Middle School will face severe consequences for inappropriate behavior where they had horseplay with other students after gym class."

Added personnel will more closely monitor students when classes are dismissing."

The students acting inappropriately admitted they acted badly and were remorseful. It was explained to the children involved that while they may consider this a joke, it is not, and the school takes it seriously. Parents of all students involved in the 15-second incident were contacted. A letter went home today all parents."

School officials wouldn’t comment exactly on how the five students were punished.

Christopher said she hopes the punishment prevents the students from “rape mobbing” again.