Raleigh Home Burglary Sparks Chaotic Arrest

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(Memphis) A man is in jail, charged with aggravated burglary after police say he broke into a Raleigh home while two small children were inside.

But it’s his chaotic arrest that will really raise your eyebrows.

During a hectic foot chase, the suspect was hit by a car.

Police say, Deandrey Peterson broke into an Abbington apartment home Wednesday morning and took off with a flat-screen TV and a couple of purses.

The tenants were called by their babysitter and rushed home.

The couple then called police.

Minutes later, a neighbor spotted Peterson in the complex and police began chasing him.

Police say Peterson and one of the victims started fighting while Peterson tried to get away from police.

According to the victim’s wife, she saw her husband and Peterson fighting on the ground, so she drove over to help her husband escape Peterson.

But in her rush, she says she lost control of her car and accidentally hit Peterson with the vehicle.

Peterson was taken to the MED, and then later to jail.

The victims claim they did not know Peterson.