Good Samaritan Robbed At Gunpoint

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(Memphis) No good deed goes unpunished.

Michael Boyce knows that all too well after two men he helped push their car out of a ditch, then turned around and robbed him.

“So after I got it out, the driver just ran up on my with a gun a stuck it on me like, ‘give me what you got,’" recalled Boyce.

Boyce works seven days a week cutting lawns and was headed to work when this happened behind Steak and Shake on Hack Cross near 385.

“I’m like begging for my life you know. ‘Don’t shoot me man, whatever you do. You can take all of this stuff,’” said Boyce.

Boyce said the men demanded he take off his shoes and pants and then took his wallet.

Twenty-year-old Ryan Jones and 26 year-old Michael Cross are now charged with aggravated robbery in the case.

Detectives said the two were inside a nearby gas station and were captured on surveillance video.

Deputies were able to pick up their tag number and find the owner of the car, which was one of the suspect’s girlfriends.

Boyce’s good deed might’ve saved his life.

“I was just like, ‘just don’t shoot me man, just don’t kill me today.’ And he said ‘alright, since you helped move my car, I’m not going to kill you today.’”

Cross is behind bars on a $100,000 bond because police say he was the gunman. Jones has a $3,000 bond.