Accused Child Molester Kills Himself

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(Hernando, MS) A man accused of molesting children in DeSoto killed himself.

Even after his death, James Marchand’s family still believes he's innocent, but alleged victims keep coming forward.

Investigators say a total of ten young girls say Marchand molested them.

As prosecutors built their case, Marchand decided to end his life Wednesday.

Although Marchand will never be brought to trial, one mother believes it will spare his victims from testifying.

Her little girl had to do it seven years ago.

“She was molested by James Marchand,” she said.

The woman wants to remain anonymous to protect her daughter.

She says while Marchand won’t ever face a judge, his suicide means something.

“He no longer can hurt anybody else.”

The DeSoto County woman says in 2005, Marchand assaulted her daughter.

She was five years old at the time.

“She was so embarrassed by it, that shame and that guilt even at that age.”

Despite the embarrassment, her family took Marchand to court, but the trial ended in a hung jury and Marchand remained free.

Seven years later, new allegations surfaced.

Investigators say nine more young girls came forward saying Marchand molested them, too.

Some of their parents met Thursday at the DA’s office to get the news that Marchand took his own life and would never be brought to trial.

“We walked into the room and there are several sets of parents,” she said. “You just want to break down and cry because they didn't have to go through this. They didn’t have to be there. That’s the most overwhelming part because it could've been stopped. It didn't have to be 10 people.”

The mother says she wishes things would have turned out differently years ago, but believes justice will still be served.

“My reaction is that he took the cowards way out, that he escaped human punishment but no one can escape the punishment of God.”

The mother says her daughter, who is now 13 years old, has reached out to the other alleged victims and they all plan to get together in the coming weeks.