Controversial Emmy Tribute, Your Favorite Age And Are Superstitions Killing The Wedding Industry?

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It must be Watercooler Wednesday!

Here today, radio host Bev Johnson from WDIA, Bret "B Mega" from 101.9 Radio Now and our own Kris Anderson.

This year's Emmy Tribute is to stars who passed away is stirring up some controversy.

Cory Monteith passed away after an accidental overdose and some people say while the work he did on "Glee" showed great promise.

It wasn't equal to the careers of others who were honored like James Gandolfini and Jonathan Winters.

Some critics say Monteith shouldn't have been honored at all.

What's your favorite age?  There's a new study that reveals what most people say is their favorite.

According to the study the age of choice for most people is the big 50!

The study shows Americans would prefer to live at 50 in good health than any other age.

Do you guys think superstitions are stupid?

Apparently fear of the number 13 is causing wedding related industries to take a dip!

Sales are down at least 10% at a popular tuxedo warehouse.

The company's CEO says this is because brides are superstitious.

He says that fewer marriages are taking place this year because women are afraid of the number 13.





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