Mom Upset Estranged Boyfriend Got Into School To Visit Their 5-Year-Old

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(Memphis) "They let a complete stranger into a school," says an angry mom.

She can't believe what happened at Florida Kansas Elementary.

She says the school knew her daughter's father was not allowed to have any interaction with their child.

"The lady she was telling me that he had called the school asking for information over the phone, telling them he is a big producer who just came from out-of-town and he needs to see her," she says.

Thursday afternoon, he did see her.

He walked right into her kindergarten class and began talking to her teacher.

"He had no visitor's pass. He had nothing on him stating he had been to the office and you standing up here talking to this person?" says the little girl's mother.

The mom says the teacher even allowed the 5-year-old to go behind a bookcase with her father.

She says he gave her $10, kissed her and started asking her questions.

"When my baby came home she was real nervous. She was like 'mama I was so scared I almost wet on myself.' I was just nervous. She was like 'mama I didn't even know who he was,'" says the mom.

He even snapped a picture with the little girl.

"My aunt called and said that he had posted a picture and what really disturbed me is when my baby told me the teacher took the picture," she says.

The mother says her ex-boyfriend is abusive and just got out of jail.

She fears him and what he could do.

Shelby County Schools is now investigating.

School officials say all schools have video camera entrances and only approved parents and guardians have access.

The 5-year old's father was told he couldn't visit, but showed up and entered the building while vendors were making a delivery.

"That is just a hurting feeling they let this person not only come up to the school but sneak into the school and don't know how long he had been in there or anything," says the angry mother. "If they let that happen once, who knows what will happen next to somebody else baby."

The mother says her daughter's teacher is a substitute teacher, who has been teaching the class since August. She says the teacher knew about the 5-year old's fatherĀ  not being allowed at the school.

Law enforcement is also now investigating.