Mid-South Man Accused Of Child Molestation

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(Hernando, MS) A Mid-South man is charged with two counts of molestation.

James Marchand, 51, was booked in the Desoto County Jail Friday night.

Several weeks ago, investigators said they called Marchand to come in for questioning, but he drove into oncoming traffic while on the way.

He's been in the hospital ever since.

Friday, he left the hospital for a jail cell and was booked on two counts of molestation.

His neighbors are stunned that the father of two is accused of molesting children.

"He's a family guy. Easy going. Funny," Joey Yarborough said. "Totally left field for me...I wouldn’t have ever dreamed anything like that from him."

Yarborough has known Marchand for years. He knew he had been in the hospital recently.

"He was in an accident that he had a heart attack," he said.

But he and his wife had no idea what was waiting for Marchand when he got out.

"It's really shocking," Taffany Yarborough said.

Also shocking to many on their quiet street was learning this was not Marchand's first arrest.

He was charged with sexual battery in 2007.

According to court records, his trial ended in a hung jury.

"That’s terrible. I can't believe that," neighbor Cathy McCullough said.

Now, new legal troubles are ahead for Marchand.

We spoke with his wife at their home. She didn't want to be on camera, and didn't know her husband was even in jail.

She thought he was still in the hospital. She told us she had no clue who was making the accusations, but says they are not true.

For now, her husband is locked up on a $200,000 bond.