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Memphis Mother Says Daughter’s Gravesite Was Missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) A Memphis mother is upset after she said her daughter's gravesite was missing at the Shelby County Cemetery.

“He said he was going to try to locate her and to give him until Wednesday because it had rained. Wednesday I called him back and he said he couldn't find her,” said Shletha Woodley about cemetery staff.

Woodley’s daughter passed away in 2008.

“I had her at 28 weeks, at home. I called the ambulance, it took them 40 minutes to get to me,” said Woodley.

Woodley said cemetery staff also gave her the wrong gravesite number.

“It was 9800 but 9800 is an adult.”

Shelby County did some research Thursday and said they found Woodley’s baby’s gravesite.

“She either came out or talked to him on the phone and gave him the name of the baby’s father Lott. And our records have it under Woodley,” said Shelby County Director of Parks Lee Hinson.

“Our staff should alert us when there is any question, especially when there is a question of location.  This is an extreme situation, an extremely sensitive situation,” Hinson added.

Woodley wants documentation.

“I just want them to find my baby so we can visit my baby. Not give me a baby or just put a headstone in a spot and say that's my baby,” said Woodley.

Shelby County is also going to give the baby’s grave a new marker, so that Woodley can find her easily.