Memphis Invests $24,000 In Pet Poop Campaign

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(Memphis) The City of Memphis is reminding pet owners to clean up after their animals, and it's not just a small reminder.

The city is spreading the message with billboards all across the city.

Drive down I-240 or Poplar Avenue and you'll see huge billboards reminding pet owners to scoop the poop.

It's not just because it stinks, but because it's the law, since the poop can contaminate water.

The cost of the poop campaign is a whopping $24,000.

"As far as the money goes I don't know what kind of analysis they've run, but I'm sure they have. I'm sure it will pay off," said pet owner Jaime Flowers.

The city tells WREG the federal government requires them to educate the public on possible contamination.

They rented the two big billboards and placed five bus shelter ads around town to make people more aware.

They'll be rotated in three months.

"I think people need to understand it is unhealthy," said Pete Shattuck of the Fogelman YMCA in downtown.

Shattuck knows first-hand about the problem.

The YMCA is adjacent to one of the few grassy areas downtown and near a lot of apartments.

It partnered with the Downtown Commission and Autozone Park to install and maintain Dogi Pots.

"This was one of the prime spots, so it became very unappealing to walk up and down Madison Avenue to the YMCA from First Tennessee to the ballpark," said Shattuck.

Shattuck says people are now being more responsible, but says the signs he put up didn't work at first.

However, with the size of the signs the city put up, they're hoping for a better result.

The telephone number on the billboard directs you to the Memphis Storm Water Management program.

They say if you see anyone violating the ordinance, you can give them a call and they'll send that person a letter, and maybe even come out and investigate.