Challenge To Raise Money For Mid-Southerners Battling Illnesses

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(Memphis) A local organization helps Mid-Southerners tackle milestones while raising money for their loved ones battling illnesses. It’s called the “I Do It For Foundation.”

This weekend, the group is holding a sporting event at the Agricenter to help with their mission and raise money for another local group.

“We help people help people. Everybody knows somebody who is struggling,” said Mike McCaskill, who founded the “I Do It For Foundation” in honor of his son Mike.

“Mike was awesome. He was my best friend,” said McCaskill.

Six years ago, Mike Junior, a married preacher with a newborn baby girl, lost his fight with a brain tumor.

“To know although he's dead, he's still speaking, that's amazing to me,” said McCaskill.

This Saturday, the organization is hosting an event at the Agricenter where people can ride bikes, run or walk to help the foundation with its mission.

At Saturday's race, people can also donate to GI Jess’ Warriors for a cause.

Jessica Hambrick and her family started the organization to help tackle cancer patient’s needs.

One of their biggest projects is making healing baskets cancer patients can bring while undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Jessica saw the need in her own battle.

For four hours every three weeks, she sits through chemo at Integrity Oncology.

“It's been in the head, in the brain. It’s been around the chest, lymph nodes, and sternum. Right now its around the aorta. I've got some tumors in the brain,” said Hambrick.

This is the second time in just a few years the 33-year-old personal trainer is battling breast cancer. She keeps herself busy to help cope.

“I do a lot of yoga and deep breathing, prayer and things like that,” said Hambrick.

She shows other cancer patients that with endurance, strength and perseverance, they'll win the race.

The event kicks of 8 a.m. Saturday.

You can participate in a 8 mile, 30 mile or 50 mile bike ride, a 5K run, a family walk or an adventure run that includes a slip-and-slide and corn maze.

To register of find out more information about the organizations, click here or here.