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Car Shopping: Best Time To Buy?

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(Memphis) If you're looking for a car, fall is a good time to buy.

Industry experts say customers can find plenty of bargains as dealers make room for new models.

The key to car shopping any time of year is preparation. Consumers should consider their needs, budget, plus, the cost of the car in the long run.

Kenny Myers of AutoNation Honda says, "Most people don't do that, they don't, they just think about right now. They don't think about what's going to happen in three years if I get rid of that car."

For example, we used Kelly Blue Book's online cost to own calculator to compare two mini-vans.

While the price difference was only $500, the five year cost to own was more than $4000.

Another tip is to negotiate trade-ins separately, and be sure to consider interest, not just the monthly payment.

Speaking of interest, look for dealers to offer rates as low as 0% if you have a good credit score.

"When you throw in the interest rates that you get plus the incentives from the factory in money, it could run up to several thousand dollars," says Myers of the potential discounts.

Check out the links below for cost to own calculators and additional tips:

Kelly Blue Book:

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