MPD Officer Enters “Not Guilty” Plea

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(Memphis) Memphis Police officer James Erwin entered a not guilty plea in front of a federal court judge Wednesday.

“We entered a not guilty plea and the case gets turned over to the federal judge that is handling it from the US Magistrates Court,” said Erwin’s attorney D’Army Bailey.

Erwin was arrested last month after an ATF agent testified in federal court that two convicted felons told him, they’d been supplying crack cocaine to Erwin.

They told the agent they kept Erwin’s gun, bullet proof vest, police uniform and radio until he paid off drug debts.

“There are motions I have to file to get the appropriate discovery information of the evidence that the government has. This gives us time to evaluate the case, look at all of the evidence and then decide on what direction we want to take,” said Bailey.

Erwin is behind bars until his trail.

“He is a family man. He’s got three wonderful kids, his wife Shannon, his father and so it is a matter that weighs heavily on his and his family,” said Bailey.

Erwin is on administrative leave with MPD.