Shots Fired On Germantown Parkway

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Several accused gang members were caught on camera with guns just before shots were fired across the city line in Germantown.

"It freaked me out," said an 8-year-old witness whose parents didn't want his name disclosed.

It's not the kind of thing an 8-year-old boy should be talking about after a Saturday night out with his parents, but it's a reality after several teenagers started firing guns across Germantown Parkway by the Chick-fil-a.

"My mom told my dad to call 911," said the boy.

The family had just wrapped up a late-night snack at the Waffle House on Germantown Parkway and Wolf River when they saw the teenagers on the other side of the street, being chased by 15 or 16 guys in cars.

"We started hearing gunshots, I'm hurrying trying to get my son, his friend and my wife in the car," said Edward Taylor.

The teenagers shot at said they were walking home and stopped at a Shell gas station on the Germantown line.

They told police a huge crowd of other teens were throwing gang signs and yelling "bloods," so they ran from them toward the Waffle House.

That's when the so-called gang members followed and opened fire, just inside the Germantown town line.

"We never though's one thing we thought, it was safe to stop. We've been to the fair with our families. It's a safe part of town, we always stopped there," said Taylor